Success Formula for Finding Your Home

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As you are looking for your new home, there are seven stages that I will help you navigate in order to have a SUCCESSFUL move. As your REALTOR , it is my job to guide, lead and protect you and the people you care about through each of these stages.

Seek to Understand – Seek to understand what your wants are and what your needs are  in your new home. Wants and needs are sometimes different.

Utilize Your Local Market – Know the truth about all the homes in the community and that affect the value of your home. 

Contract and Negotiations – As your negotiator, I will treat your hard earned money like it is mine. The time will come to save you money, and make you money. I’ll be your advocate, protecting         your interests.

Coordinate the Transactional Details – As your transactional manger, you’re hiring me to handle 100 to 150 phone calls, hundreds of emails and text messages. You're hiring me to lead and                 organize the 43 different people from 14 different industries that will get actively involved in the days and weeks ahead.

Establish a Celebration Date – We celebrate your success knowing that you're moving to a home you love.

Set up a Moving Date – There are actually 3 phases of your successful move. Leaving the home that no longer serves you, opening the door and walking into your new home, and finally, feeling           completely settled in your new home and being integrated into your new neighborhood. I will  help you get there!

Stay in Touch for Life – After you’ve moved, my commitment is to keep in contact with you in the years to come. I look forward to being a trusted advisor for your home and your new community.     This may surprise you. As you probably know from past experiences or from talking with family members and friends, many people in my profession get the transaction closed, and then take off. 

But that just doesn’t make sense to me!  You have professionals in other areas of your life who provide you with good advice and help on a long-term basis – people like your financial advisor, accountant, lawyer, doctor or trusted mechanic – so why wouldn’t your real estate consultant be a long-term partner as well? I am committed to guide you through each of these steps to make sure you are happy in your new home now and that you stay happy for many years!

Your REALTOR for life, 


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